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Irate Fan

Not going to lie, I was very disappointed when I seen all the new pick ups by TGWTG and Chris Bores was not on the list.

With the way the site has been going he’d be the perfect fit and could be the star power behind a Blistered Thumbs relaunch. I’ve so always wanted to see an Irate Gamer and BBB crossover! Now there’s a match made in irate heaven!

Dammit, Phelan.

Dude, I think this is also a jab at Blockbuster.

The Best Friends On WWE 2K14

For any Zaibatsu members who have WWE 2K14 on the 360, I have put Matt, Pat, and Woolie up on Community Creations, so for those who can nab them, go for it! Searching “original” and “matt”/”pat”/”woolie” should give you the results.

Also, I am working on a original story with 2K14’s create a story mode featuring the Zaibatsu so keep an eye out for that. I just have three words I’ll say about what’s in it.

Big Baby Match.

Edit: I guess I have two more words that I could add. “Krispen Wah”.

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