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lego-rocket-raccoon asked:

So I'm planning on getting into more fighting games when I finish my Senior Project BS. I already have KOFXIII, Skullgirls, and Street fighter 4 (But the PC version is half assed as hell). The only issue is that I have a hard time fighting online because I get really panicked when I face people tougher than me. How should I handle this issue?


Well, the urge to write git gud is strong, but no, it’s understandable. It’s a REALLY hard genre to penetrate when you’re joining the party late and everyone else is halfway around the board, and they own all the Railroads and have hotels on Boardwalk. You can get used to it through perseverance, but if online is too daunting, invite some friends over and just mess around, get used to pressing buttons.

There’s also finding good buddies you know online and playing against them to get used to any connection hiccups you might end up running into. I have a pretty damn good connection and I still get matched up with laggy sessions once in a while.

protomlad asked:

Yo matt, I'm not trying to be Censorship Simon or anything but, me and some of my friends have been getting super from all the rapehorse gags in the show. Like it's becoming sort of a running gag and it's hella uncomfortable for some of my friends.



I am not a fan of rapehorse either. I’ll tell the other guys to knock it off, and don’t particularly like it when he’s brought up.

Sorry Protom Lad and friends, this is mainly my bad, I’ll cut it out.

This is why the Best Friends are not just the hypest, but nicest (at least to their fans) guys on YouTube.

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