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"Hatred" Reveal Gameplay Trailer

Oh my fucking God.






I’m not going to get into the flame wars going on about the concept. Yeah, it’s fucking stupid that some idiots are all gung-ho about this like it actually looks like a good game. But that’s insignificant. What IS more significant is that it’s exactly what I told Hyperchaotix. This looks like a DeviantART fanfiction turned into a video game. With the deep angsty opening monologue, to being in a long black trenchcoat with long black hair, to the whole idea that this one loser wants to die violently and so he tries to kill other people to make that happen.

"My name is not important. What is important is what I’m going to do. I just hate this fucking world and these human worms feeding on its carcass."

Doesn’t that sound like a guy you just want to see come out on top? No given motivation or nothing even implied. “I just hate this fucking world” isn’t really going to cut it, not even with the idea of “Oh people just do horrible things for no reason.” Bullshit, there’s always a reason for something, even if others can’t figure it out.

But that’s really just the sewage flavored icing on this godawful cake. What makes up most of it is just how boring it looks, from the gameplay to the theme to the setting. It’s also the mindless attempts to be “shocking” and “scandalous” when it’s really just a bunch of leftovers from hard R-rated action movies, the only difference is that you’re killing innocent civilians. Of course, this has drawn comparisons to Grand Theft Auto and “Oh, you can kill people there too! Why are you getting mad about this?” Maybe because GTA doesn’t look like shit. Maybe because GTA doesn’t let you gruesomely make people explode as far as I remember, and even when it did, it was sparingly and you didn’t even directly do it. Or maybe because GTA is obviously crazy enough to be out of reality (though not touching Saints Row) that you can’t take it seriously as a realistic game.

Meanwhile, Hatred just happens to remind me of other leftovers that it scavenged, specifically The Expendables video game. Look up Expendables gameplay and compare it to this. Same camera perspective, same gameplay style, same horrible mess. Again, the difference here being that The Expendables has you killing enemy soldiers, not innocent people. Why do I keep bringing up killing innocent people? Because that’s all who this piece of shit lazyass “protagonist” kills in the trailer. He doesn’t even try to kill known criminals, which you’d think would be one of his more top priorities, considering you see newspapers on his table during his monologue. But no, we gotta be edgy, badass, and not giving a fuck, so let’s just kill random people like we would in Grand Theft Auto, but actually have people beg for their life.

Thank God this is only going to be on PC, because I can only imagine Destructive Creations (ironically fitting considering this developer is self-destructing their chances to be expand themselves) trying to pitch this bottom of the barrel trash to Microsoft or Sony and getting their asses kicked out of the door.

And to anyone who is saying “if you don’t like it, then don’t watch/play it”, if nothing gets critiqued, nothing better comes out of it. Expect to be hearing about more and more about Hatred from everywhere else because this isn’t going to be fading away quietly.

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